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Updated: Apr 12, 2021


Jurayah was in Vicksburg with her biological mom Dedreuna Smith. At some point, Dedreauna ended up meeting with Danielle Skinner, Morris’s cousin and someone she stated was a friend. During the exchange, 14 month old Jurayah had no car seat or diaper bag.

While in her care, Danielle called T’Kia because she could not get Jurayah to stop crying. Prior to this call, T’Kia and Morris were unaware Jurayah was even in Danielle’s care. T’Kia offered to come get Jurayah after Danielle mentioned she didn’t have anything (No car seat or baby bag) for Jurayah. Danielle declined and stated she would keep her and allow Jurayah to wear her daughter’s clothes. Danielle and T’Kia were close friends and she felt more comfortable calling T’Kia to console Jurayah than her own mother.

However at some point, Danielle ended up letting Andrew, Morris’s brother, come get Jurayah so that she could be dropped off at her (Danielle’s) mother’s house. Her name is Antoinette. Andrew drove from Vicksburg to Port Gibson (about 20 minutes) with no car seat. Antoinette later testified in court that she could not even leave the room to bathe Jurayah on Friday night because Andrew needed to be monitored. If that’s the case, why was he allowed to drive Jurayah with no car seat for 20 minutes?

So far, Jurayah had gone from the care of her mother to Danielle to Andrew to Antoinette.

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