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The purpose of this movement is to bring awareness to the flaws of the justice system, where an innocent woman in Mississippi was convicted of Capital Murder in the unexplained death of a toddler based on no evidence, corrupt testimonies, and a corrupt jury.


T’Kia Bevily

We know many of you do not know who T’Kia is personally. So, we would like to invite you in to learn about who Mrs. Bevily was and is.


There are two things Kia prides herself on: her faith and her family. Raised in the “Bible Belt” of Mississippi, Kia was introduced to Christ at an early age. She chose to continue her journey with Christ even as an adult. It has been and still is her faith in God that she knows has kept her throughout this entire ordeal.


Growing up, T’Kia identified her desire to become a pillar for her community. She acted as an active member of her school’s orchestra club, beta club, student council, and Forrest General Hospital’s Spirit Girls, all of which helped her perfect her servant leadership skills.

While serving in her community, T’Kia also assisted with the care of her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. It was through her direct experience with caring for her grandmother that taught T’Kia so much about caring for others and sparked her pursuit in becoming a licensed practical nurse.

T’Kia was building her legacy and had no criminal record prior to these unfortunate events. She was pursuing her RN while also becoming a new mom and wife. She still regularly volunteered at a daycare in her hometown and worked at a nursing home. Her patients and the families she has impacted directly attest to the gem T’Kia is.

T’Kia was becoming...

Becoming the change she wished to see in the world which she believed started first at home... through her marriage, through her children, her extended family and friends and on to the many lives she would go on to impact.


And ironically enough, T’Kia is STILL becoming...


Becoming the change she wishes to see in the world through reforming the unjust of the justice system.

About Us

Our Story


Our Story


Port Gibson, MS. Claiborne County. Population of less than 1300 as of 2021.
☛ Everyone knows everyone.
☛ All jurors knew the case beforehand.
☛ Jurors were seen sleeping.
☛ Jurors were seen speaking to the family accusing T’kia.

Facts about
Morris and T’Kia Bevily

☛ T’kia is an LPN, with no criminal record before this situation.
☛ She comes from a christian based family, and is known for being a role model.
☛ She has two kids with Morris. T’kia at one point worked at a daycare, the entire daycare facility loved and trusted her.
☛ Morris has the same background, his father is a preacher.
☛ Morris is a children's teacher, and has a degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.


We need your help

On behalf of T’kia Bevily, who was wrongly convicted of Capital Murder, in Claiborne County, on January 29, 2021, in the death of her 14-month-old stepdaughter, Jurayah Smith, We petition that the conviction be investigated expeditiously through appeal, and reversed. The sufficiency and weight of the evidence was against the verdict.


The prosecution failed to show any abuse occurred. Not only did the evidence not prove that a murder transpired, but the medical expert testimonies were unable to state how or what caused the death of Jurayah. The initial autopsy conducted by Dr. Mark LeVaughn, who recently resigned as the state’s medical examiner, completely differs from the independent review by George Nichols, a pathologist from KY and also a witness for the state. He found that the injuries were all in healing stages which would exempt T’Kia from culpability due to her only receiving custody of Jurayah hours prior to her passing.


T’Kia’s constitutional rights were violated. She did not receive a fair and impartial trial. Significant juror misconduct was involved. A change of venue request was presented and denied which is significant due to the consistent and repetitive release of distorted facts and mistruths that tainted the jury pool of Claiborne County. These distortions of facts were prominent in the community of Claiborne County for the better of three years. Despite the Mississippi code 99-35-115, we request that T’Kia be granted bail pending appeal, due to the extremely extraordinary and unique circumstances of this case, which was a grave miscarry of justice.

District Attorney Information

If you would like to call the office of the DA, Daniella Shorter, on T’Kia’s behalf (PLEASE do remain respectful and tactful as that is what T’Kia would want — but be firm) here are some KEY questions that you can ask:

 Why did her office withhold critical information from Dr. Nichols? 
☛ Why did her office request Dr. Nichols to remove critical information from his report?
☛ How was beyond a reasonable doubt achieved?
☛ Was there a time frame given for Jurayah’s injuries?
☛ Why didn’t her office investigate other people?
☛ Why was Dedreuna given the preliminary autopsy report by Dr. LeVaughn? 
And the MAIN question to ask: 
☛ Why did they attempt to build a case based on a preliminary autopsy report?

Again, PLEASE be respectful but We ALL want answers! The DA, Daniella Shorter, owes the answer to these questions to the taxpayers.
Phone: (601)-894-5040

We truly thank you for all the support, shares, words of encouragement, and donations. We are truly humbled by the overwhelming support. Please continue standing with Kia until she is home.







We have had several inquiries and at this time we are offering a way to financially support T’Kia’s case. T’Kia Bevily leaves behind two children who are in need of assistance while she is away due to this wrongful conviction. T’Kia also has an abundant amount of legal fees. Here are a few ways to show your support.

GOFUND me policies state that anything involving legal situations is not allowed to process through their platform. Therefore, all funds collected through GOFUND will be used to care for T’Kia’s and Morris’s children, Aubrey and V.